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Who am I?

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My name is Suzanne McNeil.


Born in Lévis, Québec, Canada.


I grew up in an entrepreneurial environment and one of voluntary work also. I studied and worked in management and I evolved in a business environment all of my career. 

At the same time, I was a mother of three boys (in three years) and I really invested myself in it. Just to share that with you and I see all these years going by and ouf!


I understand that at some point I needed to get away from it all!  

This is when I discovered oil painting! 



​In 1999, I started with evening classes. I learned how to hold and use a paint brush and also I learned how to play with the colors. This lasted a few years.  What a relief from my every day life. What an escape, as well! I kept my first painting ever.  Entitled MY FIRST TIME, you will find it hereunder.

So life got a way to increase its crescendo... I am sure you know what I am talking about... Family, career, sports, social activities, friends, more studies etc. Running a marathon every day. I needed another break or escape. So, in 2008, I resumed painting, evening classes, but with a famous portrait painter, Emmanuel Garant. I learned the basis of drawings; all about perspective; also about the human figures and faces. I learned about various painting techniques and most importantly I developed my style. This lasted many years. 

Progressively, painting has become a real passion. I wanted to try so many things (and I still want).  I varied the subjects, the styles, the mediums and the techniques. However I could easily admit that I prefer to paint people and animals, mainly for what they inspire me. I discovered Fused Glass in 2016 and I immediately enjoyed it so much.  

Today, member of the Société Artistique et Culturelle de Québec (, I am represented in Quebec by  Galerie d’Art Urbania du Vieux Port de Québec.  My creations, paintings and the fused glass objects, are  also available through this website, by contacting me.  With pleasure, pride and success, I was part of the Exhibition at Symposium Boischatel (2019), Palais Montcalm Exhibition (2019) and also Exhibition at the Quebec Parliamant Building (2020).

With this website and also my Facebook page, I wish to communicate my passion.  I also  want my art to be accessible.    

So you now know it all !

My First Time!

Une Première Fois !

ma première peinture

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