Fused Glass

Dishes of all kind

In this section, you will find dishes of a unique design.  You will use them for your decor or why not, to impress you friends when they visit.    As for the bowls of the previous section, you will not find anything similar in your normal stores, only with artists.  These are unique, exclusive pieces of art.  As for the bowls, just ok for the dishwasher if you really do not want to wash them yourselves....  NO to the microwave!  At the same time, take great care of these pieces, this is quite priceless art...! Priceless and expensive, in a way.

You might ask, why these prices?  Glass itself is very very expensive and also rare.  Each piece has two layers of glass independently of all add-ons and of all work and firing-cooling processes. That is Why!

Available with McNeil Arts via the Contact me button below!

Prices are in Canadian dollars and exclude wrapping and shipping costs.  Measures are appx and are in inches.  No taxes.