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Famous People

This album is my tribute to some unique characters, unique because their outmost perseverance or devotion and certainly talent.  These people made their marks and let us with something special either a musical, political, scientific or artistic heritage.  I hope that you will easily recognize them, of course, and above all I wish you will remember their songs or hear their music or their speech.  I wish you will remember their days, their discoveries, their legacies.  I wish they will bring some warmth inside you and-or you will smile whilst looking at them.  

Why the paintings from this collection are mainly black and white?  At first, it was to increase the difficulties (I was challenging myself) to painting with only lights and shades.  Then I kept doing it because I felt, and still feels, that it gives the characters a Class of their own, which they deserve.

Measurements are in inches.  Prices (when shown) are in Canadian dollars and exclude wrapping, crating and shipping costs. Taxes might be appliccable.  . These paintings are all framed.  Should you be interested by one of these paintings, let me know or contact Mrs Kathie Robitaille at Urbania Art Gallery  418 999 9862.  No reproduction is authorized for any of these paintings !

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