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Flowers, other people

and sceneries

Who have not once offered or received flowers? or just have them grow on their balcony or their backyard?  Flowers are offered as gift so as to underline special events or moments in life or just as a thank you. Flowers also bear a lot of symbolism of love, joy and happiness, tenderness even.  So I paint them for their symbolism, their freshness, their warmth. Here they are to please you and maybe you will want to have one for you...

So there is the famous people collection, however there are other people, those of everyday life.  There are women, children, athletes and even imaginary people, why not?

What could be a painting subject for an artist? Everything. The choice is unlimited. There is Nature; there is Still-life; details of the cities or the streets; trip memories here and there or youth memories;  these moments by the lake; cocktail times etc...  You pick what you want!

Prices are in Canadian dollars and exclude wrapping and shipping costs.  Measurements are in inches.  Taxes might be applicable. 

Reproduction of any of these paintings is not authorized.  If you are interested by one of these paintings, let me know or contact Mrs Kathie Robitaille at Urbania Art Gallery,418 999 9862. 

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