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Art is not simply an activity.


This is the artist whole being creating for the pleasure of its collectors and public.

Suzanne McNeil

Discover a vibrant & realistic figurative art!

Art is now accessible to all as much by its emotional language, its diversity or its affordable price!


McNeil Arts offers you choice and quality, so as to complement your decor or to offer as a unique gift.

What do you prefer?

A fused glass creation

For me, to create is

Reproducing under various forms either what I see, what I like or wish sometimes, or often what I feel, or also what I want to say...


A passion  filled with challenges where I like to increase the level of difficulties and vary the subjects. It is important for me to improve myself, to push above and beyond. It is like practicing your favorite sport with passion and wanting to improve your performance. Anyway, this is how I am in relation to creation.


Looking to please. My sincere wish is that my creations become yours for your decor or your everyday use and moreover that these creations give you a great experience!

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