Horses & Animals

When painting horses, I want to reproduce their strength, their dynamism, their loyalty and elegance as well.  I have always been fascinated by this animal.  Young, I used to ride western and I have great memories of my moments with the horses.  That was such a great time in my life.

With the farm animals, I like to show their funny sides as well as their diversity.  With the other animals,  I might work on their symbolism, their eyes,  their strength also.  Each of these paintings has a story which you will find on my Facebook page.

Measurements are in inches.  Prices (when shown) are in Canadian dollars and exclude wrapping, crating and shipping costs. Taxes might be applicable.

No reproduction is authorized for any of these paintings !  If you are interested by one of these paintings, let me know or contact Mrs Kathie Robitaille at Urbania Art Gallery 418-999-9862 .