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Here's how I create

my paitings

Au chevalet.jpg

My inspiration comes from images and more precisely from how I feel or what I remember about these images.  I can often combine many images (getting ideas from many images), so as to create and share that feeling or that memory.   

My subjects  were quite varied up to 2017- 2018.  However I seem to concentrate more and more on people (either famous or everyday people) and animals.  But I will still paint flowers or landscapes, here and there... Even though I am a colorful woman, to paint in monochrome please me. I think it has a class of its own and this is very important!

Yes, my art is figurative or representational and there is no room for interpretation about the paintings subjects.  However, the way you will feel in front of my paintings will be unique. You will look at them and you may remember a period of your life; you may show a smile or even laugh; you may merge with the title; you may hear the music or your favorite song playing; you may feel some good energy. I wish that my paintings make you vibrate and take you way further than just a wall decor.  

What is my technique?  With the right canvas format, previously primed with a pale grey acrylic paint, I draw the major lines of the subjects.  I make sure that I have the proportions right and that the perspective is ok.  When satisfied with this minimum drawing, I decide where the light comes from.  Next, quickly and slightly, I put in patches of colors with a large brush and try to avoid any brushstrokes.  When I paint, I globally see patches of colors, of light and shade of different values.  I do not exactly see, at least at the beginning, an eye or a mouth or a nostril.  I see patches of colors.  If ever I try to paint a shape otherwise than by its colors, I put the canvas upside down.  This way, I am back on working on colors not forms. Strange, isn't it?  After this first go on the painting, I look at it through my camera lens.  Automatically I can spot all my weaknesses, if any obviously, ah ah.  Then I correct it and finally, I will work on the painting with fine brushes and make sure that all colors are smooth. I look at the painting with a camera and when satisfied, that's it!  I then spray some water on the back of the canvas and apply a varnish on the painting.

Now you know all my secrets ! 


Step 1 | Tina Turner


Step 2 | Tina Turner

Tina Turner.png

Step 3 | Tina Turner

And how I create

the fused glass pieces?

In 2016, I discovered the fused glass.  Working with different pieces of glass and colors allow me to create unique pieces for everyday's life.   These plates or bowls or other objects will make a great impression either in a display case or on your desk or table. 

My technique ?  Each piece of glass is chosen according to its style and the project to create.  Each creation is made of two layers of glass and therefore a first firing at up to 1500F.

Once the piece has cooled down, I can either add decorative pieces to the glass or paint on it.  When satisfied with the project, there goes another firing and another cooling down.   Finally, the third step, the piece created will be put on top of a mold for a final firing and then get the shape expected.  

Each step requires a minimum of 24 hours, excluding the cutting, grinding, assembling, painting time. Finally let's not forget that the cooling time is as important as the rest because we do not want to stress the glass and then it cracks....

Working with glass requires a lot of patience and perseverance !

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