Fused Glass

Various bowls

For sure you can find a lot of bowls with different stores.  However those will be commercial, that is one amongst a few hundred or thousand.  Certainly pretty, and most certainly, not unique...   


My bowls are unique.  Even I can not reproduce twice the same design.  So yes, this is direct from the artisan, slowly created one after the other.  These bowls may be used as decorations or for everyday use.  This is glass so, yes it can endure the dishwasher but personally I let them soak in hot water...  I would not put in the microwave though.   And at the same time, these are also pieces of art, somehow pricy and fragile.  Be delicate with them!

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Prices are in Canadian dollars and exclude wrapping and shipping costs.  Measures are appx and are in inches.  No taxes.